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    What is biotechnology?

    Biotechnology is the use of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of human life

    How does your odor eliminator work? 

    Game Over Sport contains specialized biotechnology that targets unpleasant odors caused by organic matter ( sweat, dirt, and other gross but natural things)

    Can I spray Game Over Sport on my clothing? 

    Yes; Game Over Sport must be sprayed directly at the source of the unpleasant odors.

    Will it stain/destroy my expensive sports gear?

    No; The bottles are designed to spray a fine mist not to soak the surfaces it reaches. Game Over Sport is pH7, like water, containing no harsh chemicals. It can be sprayed in and on:
    • All shoes- sneakers, sandals, boots, sports shoes, hiking boots, dress shoes, 
    • Gym outerwear, sports bra, tops, shorts, jackets, sports kits, socks etc..
    • Sports gear: gloves, shin guards, jock straps, wraps, headbands, helmets, hats, gym bags, shoe bags

    Bonus Tip:Can also be used on carpets, car seats, couches, or curtains

    Will it cause me skin irritation?

    Game Over Sport products are hypoallergenic and should not cause any irritation in a healthy person.

    Does it contain toxic or hazardous ingredients?

    Game Over Sport products are non toxic, in the pH neutral range (pH5-7), certified green, and 100% biodegradable.

    What certifications you have?

    We are certified Ecologo. Ecologo Standards are designed so that only the top 20% of products available on the market can achieve certification.

    Should my sports gear/clothes/shoes be to dry before applying Game Over?

    No, you can spray Game Over Sport on before hanging to dry.
    Bonus Tip: Before washing your clothes, Spray Game Over to remove embedded odors

    Where is Game Over manufactured and produced?

    All our products are designed, manufactured and bottled in Canada

    Recently most companies claim to have green products, how do we know if that is true?

    We are certified EcoLogo. Having EcoLogo Certifications are voluntary, multi-attribute, lifecycle based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing, exhaustive auditing, or both, to prove its compliance with stringent, third-party, environmental performance standards. The Canadian EcoLogo (also known as Environmental Choice) helps you identify products and services that have been independently certified to meet strict environmental standards that reflect their entire life cycle — from manufacturing to disposal.

    Why not use regular odor eliminators? 

    Most odor eliminators on the market are heavily perfumed chemicals sold to mask odors. They are harsh on the environment, health, clothing, and sports gear. When sprayed on clothes and gear, the chemicals in them dissolve a layer resulting in the quick wear and tear of the item. The chemicals destroy the item but will not be able to get the smells.

    How can I know more about your product?

    Please go to our About Us page or try our product first hand. We have a no questions asked, money back guarantee. We are also available at