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    We started Game Over Sport after hearing the same complaints over and over about ineffective, harmful, and perfumed odor eliminators. As a team of active people, with a love for our environment and a passion for sports, we started brainstorming for ways to try to make a difference. When discussing ideas, we kept circling back to the same question: How do we get rid of bad odors from our sportswear, sports equipment, shoes etc.. without harming the environment, our expensive gear, and our health? With the help of InnuScience, a company that is revolutionizing the way we clean, we created the Game Over range.

    All our products are biotechnology based. Simply put, we let bacteria do the cleaning. Our bacteria produce enzymes that break down all kinds of organic material, making it easy for them to start consuming. Game Over Sport does not use strong perfumes to mask odors or use harsh chemicals that destroy clothing. We achieved our goal and created a non toxic and effective product. 

    Biotechnology is the future! They perform better than harsh chemicals, with no harm to us, our planet, or our belongings. Try Game Over Sport and let us know what you think.